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Based in Tacoma, Washington, the Law Office of Thomas A. Balerud represents clients in a range of personal injury claims, including cases arising from automobile and railroad accidents, sexual abuse, and police brutality. People injured or harmed by the negligence or wrongful act of another are entitled to seek compensation for economic and noneconomic damages. Whether your case involves procuring a settlement to cover medical expenses, seeking fair compensation from an insurance provider, or receiving damages for emotional harm, we possess the experience and skill to move your case swiftly toward settlement or trial. Claims may involve:

Car, Trucking, Motorcycle, and Pedestrian Accidents

A motor vehicle accident is always a troubling event, often involving serious injury; in some cases, expensive medical bills and even permanent disability can result. You should never have to suffer the personal and financial burden of injuries caused by another person’s negligent or reckless driving. We have extensive experience assisting auto accident victims, approaching each client’s matter with compassion and a commitment to reaching a favorable resolution. We have expertise dealing with insurance companies, ensuring that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Please see our car accidents page for more information about these claims.

Railroad Accidents

Collisions involving trains and smaller vehicles are incredibly destructive events, as the size and weight of a train, even one moving at a relatively slow speed, results in a physical impact that is truly devastating. Adding to the catastrophic nature of these accidents, railroad companies often deny responsibility for collisions, particularly at railroad crossings, making personal injury claims in this area exceptionally complex and challenging. We have successfully handled cases arising from urban accidents and collisions at railroad crossing lights, and we will assess the facts of your case to determine the degree to which the railroad company was responsible.

Sexual Abuse

We offer compassionate, yet aggressive, representation to victims of sexual abuse and harassment. Understanding the delicate nature of these cases, we work to support our clients throughout the legal process that a survivor must endure to recover damages for the physical and mental effects of sexual abuse. As our client, you can trust that you will be given respect and personalized assistance, and while a settlement or jury verdict can never take away the pain that results from sexual abuse, it is our mission to maximize compensation for victims and lay the foundation for a path to recovery.

Police Abuse & Brutality

Because we practice criminal defense as well as personal injury law, we possess a thorough awareness and understanding of police abuse and brutality. If an arresting officer uses excessive force in detaining you or at any point after an arrest, you have the right to bring a civil lawsuit. Unfortunately, many victims of police brutality are reluctant to file excessive force claims for fear of retaliation, enhanced criminal charges, or malicious prosecution. Our office has the skill, experience, and interest to pursue cases involving police misconduct.

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